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Co30 HQ | Saturday, 04 February 2023

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Why was I kicked or banned from your server? PDF Print E-mail


Before going any further, if you haven’t already, please review the Co30 server rules and regulations.
Now that you've read the server rules, you're probably here because of one of the following scenarios;

1) You were abruptly removed from a game without warning for any reason!
2) You find yourself “UTAN” banned.
3) A Co30 player removed you during game play.


1) Because Co30 can't always be on the server to moderate and keep the server enjoyable for all, we use a chat filter and a nickname filter. You're warned in the message of the day each time you connect and repeatedly during game play - using foul or abusive language will result in removal. If it happened to you, you will have seen this screen below.

You must have said a 'bad' word

The chat filter automatically removes players for language. It unfortunately doesn’t interpret the context of the chat. Sometimes you slip, that’s fine we’re not going to ban you for ever. Chat filter bans are only “Session Bans” meaning you can rejoin the server at the start of the next map without issue. If you rejoin and start up with the language again, it will remove you again. If you continue with abusive or vulgar chat using “type around methods” on a regular basis we may temporarily ban you for some period and you may then see the following ban type.

2) You can’t join the server, you’re banned and when you connect you see a UTAN ban screen with an associated ban ID number. Example screen;

UTAN Ban info screen

Co30 uses the UTAN mod to organize server bans. It provides users a means of appeal via the ID number. Please make note your Ban ID if making an inquiry as to why. Two categories of bans exist. Permanent - because we detected a file used to cheat in UT2004 on your system, or you were botting obviously online and detected by Co30 players. Annoyance – usually temporary, you either used exceptionally foul language or vulgarities, or you are of such an annoyance to Co30 or other regular players, that it’s best if you don’t play here. In either case you can use the ut-admin email address shown in the first screen shot above to inquire why if you wish to appeal a UTAN ban. Please provide the ban ID and online player name in your email. Any appeal made in the Co30 forums will be responded to via private message.

3) All Co30 members have admin rights on the server. A Co30 player will warn you online about your behavior prior to removal. We usually ask nicely. If your behavior doesn’t change, we will probably ask a second time…and then if you continue the kick/ban followed. There are two types of bans you may see if an admin removes you. Usually stage one is a just a kick to get your attention. You’ll see this screen. You can immediately return to the game.

You got kicked

If on your return you continue the behavior that got you kicked the first time, you may end up seeing this screen next, a permanent IP ban.

Permanent Ban Notification

This type of ban with its associated log files or notes will usually be transferred to a UTAN ban. See section 2 for details.

Well if you made it this far, Co30's don’t ban people for fun, or because you were better than us, or you were winning too much. It’s either to do with cheat files, your ongoing language problem or unsporting behavior.

From September 2004 to  June 14 2009, we’ve had over 26,866 unique visitors, playing over 60700 games. There are currently 101 cheat bans in place and 8 annoyance bans. Only 109 people out of 26,866 visitors, that's not bad! Annoyance bans are reviewed on occasion and sometimes cleared without player appeal. There’s a price to pay for cheats however - cheat bans are permanent.

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